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Magnum Mimic 60 Capsules

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Magnum Mimic 60 Capsules

About Supplement Monster Magnum Mimic

Overcome Your Carbophobia!

Magnum MIMIC harnesses the power of insulin mimicking to increase one’s insulin sensitivity, without increasing insulin levels in your body. A person who is “insulin resistant” has a hard time processing carbohydrates, which results in the release of excess insulin to get glucose into the resistant cells. Insulin resistance is a sign of the beginning stages of diabetes and occurs when the body is not able to utilize the insulin correctly. When your body releases excess insulin, carbs are stored as body fat, when they should be used as energy and as glycogen for bigger, fuller muscles. MIMIC was formulated to increase insulin sensitivity for all healthy individuals. So whether you’re trying to build muscle, burn fat, or both, you need every calorie you ingest to be optimized. You want carbohydrates to supply energy and great pumps, and proteins and healthy fats to build muscle and burn fat!



  • Optimize Your Muscles' Storage Capacity
  • Maximize Uptake of Glucose And Amino Acids
  • Create Leaner, Fuller Muscles
  • Vascular Muscles
  • Increase "I" Sensitivity


Magnum MIMIC contains advanced compounds suited for mature individuals. Science has shown that these natural, 100% Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients may increase testosterone level production. Every ingredient in Magnum Mimic has been meticulously tested for maximum purity and effectiveness to ensure optimal absorption.



Take 1 or 2 capsules 15 minutes before your post-workout meal or before your largest meal of the day.


Nutrition Information

Magnum Mimic 60 Capsules Nutrition Information



Are There Any Products You Recommend To Take With Magnum Mimic?

Yes, Magnum MIMIC has been formulated to work synergistically with Magnum Volume, Magnum Heat Accelerated, Magnum Acid Isolate, Magnum Big C, and Magnum HI5. But really Magnum MIMIC can be stacked with any of Magnum's products for your own unique stack.


When Is The Best Time To Take Magnum Mimic?

Magnum MIMIC is best taken 5 to 15 minutes before your post workout meal or largest carbohydrate containing meal of the day.


How Quickly Can I Expect Results From Magnum Mimic?

Many consumers say they notice a newfound hardness to their physique within 7 to 10 days. They also generally feel that their muscles have more fullness to them within 7 to 10 days of taking MIMIC with their largest carbohydrate meal of the day.