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CHS Colloidal Zinc 110ml Spray

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CHS Colloidal Zinc 110ml Spray

About CHS Colloidal Zinc

Zinc is an essential trace mineral nutrient that is essential for a functional and effective immune system. Nano Colloidal Zinc provides this in a highly pure, bioavailable supplement that requires less Zinc to be effective. 

Zinc may support healthy skin & vision, optimal immune system function, and learning + memory. 

This is a cost-effective and beneficial Zinc product for your clients! 


Studies on Zinc suggest that: 

  • Zinc supports the body’s defenses. 
  • The human body needs Zinc to support essential immune responses. 
  • Zinc supports a balanced immune system. 
  • Zinc is highly beneficial for good skin health.



    Take 10-20ml per day or as required. 50ml twice per day may be taken as a boost for 5 days. If using the spray, spray as required in the mouth, nose, eyes, hands, or on any skin surface. 

    Always use as directed and see your healthcare professional if symptoms persist. 

    Nutrition Information

    Ingredients: High Quality Colloidal Zinc 10ppm/10mgL using 99.99% pure Zinc, High Quality Colloidal Copper 0.5ppm/0.5mgL using 99.99% pure Copper.