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CHS The Silver Solution - 500ml Colloidal Silver

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CHS The Silver Solution - 500ml Colloidal Silver

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About CHS The Silver Solution - 500ml Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver was rediscovered by scientists looking for an effective way to support the immune system. The benefits of silver were already well established, so an electrical method of turning pure elemental silver into a healthy drinkable form was developed. Colloidal silver has since been used successfully as a natural support to the body's immune system for over thirty years and has a massive and growing worldwide consumer following.


Scientific research

Evidential benefits of silver attracted the attention of leading scientists and medical researchers throughout the world. As a result, numerous new findings [Ref 5] have been published in scientific and medical journals on the beneficial health properties of the silver colloid.


Suitable for the whole family

  • Gentle, easy-to-drink, high-quality dietary supplement.
  • Has an excellent safety profile when used as directed.
  • Not known to interfere with any medication, or cause side effects [Ref 6]
  • Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.


Key Points

Powerful immunity key to healthy life: The immune system is vital to our existence. Improper or weakened function will leave us predisposed to illness.

Antioxidant, toxins and free radicals: Silver is also believed beneficial in assisting the body to fight against toxins and the clearance of free radicals.

Assists healing and growth: When human fibroblast cells are exposed to silver they are believed to differentiate, that is, to assist in the production of embryonic general cells, this aids in growth and helps to stimulate tissue.

Helps the body's electrical system: Research indicated silver had an enormous benefit to the electrical system allowing different areas of the body to communicate more effectively.



Follow the instructions on the label or as directed by your health professional. Take 10-20mls (2-4 teaspoons) per day. For a powerful boost 50ml, 4x per day maybe taken but not recommended for more than 2-3 days, if taking large dosages drink extra water, however not at the same time as the colloidal silver - unless you are wanting to get the colloidal silver further down your small intestine, if this is the case and supplement with a pro-biotic (natural yoghurt).


Nutrition Information


  • Ultra Purified water approx. 0.1 Micro-semeins, which equates to approx. 3 times double-distilled water.
  • 50mcg per 5ml (10ppm) of atom sized particles of pure silver approx. 1.26 angstrom (thousands of times smaller than a red blood cell) with a small positive charge on each particle.
  • No other additives or preservatives.