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Doctor's Best Lutein Featuring Lutemax 20mg 60 Softgels

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Doctor's Best Lutein Featuring Lutemax 20mg 60 Softgels

About Supplement Monster Doctor's Best Lutein Featuring Lutemax 20mg

A major carotenoid found in human blood, Lutein has a high tissue concentration in the retina of human eye. Lutein along with Zeaxanthin is responsible for promoting and maintaining eye health. These carotenoids naturally accumulate in the retina and support healthy light sensing and glare control. Lutein with Lutemax is clinically proven for improving vision and maintaining eye health.

The effects of Lutein containing Lutemax and meso-Zeaxanthin are known to provide support to eyes during old age. Stress and anxiety caused by modern lifestyle tend to deplete nutrients from the body. Doctor's Best - Lutein featuring Lutemax and meso-Zeaxanthin 20/20 20mg 60 Soft Gel delivers just the required amount of Lutemax to the body, thus ensuring optimum eye-health and eye-brain coordination.


Features at Glance:

  • Clinically proven for vision and eye health
  • Promotes macular health
  • Supports brain-eye coordination



  • Clinically proven for vision and eye health
  • Enhances visual function
  • Promotes macular health
  • Supports the eyes during aging
  • Contains 4mg of Zeaxanthin per capsule


Enhances visual function

The Lutein(L)+Zeaxanthin(Z)+Meso Zeaxanthi (MZ) triad helps protect the eye's lens against sustaining damage from light energy as it concentrates light onto the retina. The L+Z+MZ triad acts as a yellow filter that screens out shortwave blue light, thereby helping ensure that vision is relatively free of glare and haze. They also contribute to such fundamental cell processes as gene regulation, cell growth and maturation, and cell to cell signaling.


Promotes macular health

The macula is the most central zone of the retina and consequently most directly exposed to light focused on it by the lens. Its macular pigment (MP) content helps minimize blue haze and glare, which can degrade the image, while maximizing contrast sensitivity and light/dark adaptation. For the macula and the rest of the retina, the L+Z+MZ triad is a unique asset.


Supports the eyes during aging plus supports brain and brain-eye coordination

Lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin are vitamin-like nutrients important for vision, eye-brain coordination, and quality of life. Emotional, chemical, physical, and other stresses of modern living tend to deplete nutrients from the body and consequently increase daily nutritional requirements. Best Lutein Featuring Lutemax is sustainably produced from marigold flowers, and is a prudent dietary supplementation option considering that most people may be challenged to maintain adequate intakes of these carotenoids in their daily diet.


Adults: Take 1 capsule daily with or without food.

Nutrition Information

Doctor's Best Lutein Featuring Lutemax 20mg 60 Softgels

Serving Size: 2 softgel (60 servings)

  • Amount Per Serving
  • Lutein (from Lutemaz 2020 marigod flower extract)
  • 20 mg
  • -
  • Zeaxanthin (from Lutemaz 2020 marigod flower extract) [minimum 1 mg meso-zeaxanthin]
  • 4mg
  • -



Other Ingredients

Sunflower oil, gelatin (capsule), glycerin, purified water.


Why is lutein important for eye health?

Lutein and zeaxanthin are referred to as the 'macular pigment' because they are the carotenoids found in the lens and macular region of the retina of the eye. Lutein also benefits the eye through it's antioxidant capacity.