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Go Healthy Go Lysine 1,000mg 60 Caps

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Go Healthy Go Lysine 1,000mg 60 Caps

About Supplement Monster Go Healthy Go Lysine 1,000mg

Our lips often remain unguarded from harsh weather conditions despite getting affected from food items and external environmental changes. The Go Healthy Go Lysine 1,000Mg 60 Caps offer an amazing formulation that can nourish the lips and keep them hydrated for hours together. Lip health takes a toll during times of stress and these health supplements aid in enhancing their texture. These capsules provide Lysine, an essential amino acid that is potent enough to improve a poor health condition with just a single dose in a day. They enjoy a vegan formulation and are completely free from any animal product.



  • Great product for people suffering from an outbreak of cold sore
  • Prevents recurring cold sores
  • Naturally protects and nourishes lips 
  • Boost immunity
  • Suitable for vegans


Adults: Take 1 caps daily. Best taken with food.

Nutrition Information


Each Capsule contains: Lysine 1000mg.