Healtheries Berry Vit C 500mg 50 Chewable Tablets x3

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Healtheries Berry Vit C 500mg 50 Chewable Tablets x3


About Supplement Monster Healtheries Berry Vit C 500mg

Do you always seem to come down with cold and flu viruses (and whatever else is going around)? Want build up your defences against the winter bugs before they get there?

Each Healtheries berry-flavoured chewable Vitamin C 500mg tablet provides 500mg of pure Vitamin C – the “Immunity Vitamin” – to strengthen your immune system. They’re made with a special, less-acidic form of Vitamin C that’s gentle on sensitive stomachs. And they’re even sugar-free, which makes them the perfect immunity-boosters if you’re diabetic, watching your weight, or trying to protect your teeth.


Recommended For

  • Boosting immunity protection during the winter cold and flu season and also trying to cut down on sugar
  • Providing extra protection ahead of the times you know you’ll be particularly susceptible to infections (e.g. during autumn for winter immunity)
  • Supporting your immune system when you’re under stress or fatigued
  • Helping your body to heal cuts, burns or pressure sores
  • Topping up your Vitamin C levels if you’re on medication such as aspirin or steroids, which can reduce your natural Vitamin C levels.


Contains No

Wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, artificial colour, artificial flavour or preservatives


Adults and teenagers: 1-4 tablets daily with food, or as your healthcare professional directs

Nutrition Information

Healtheries Berry Vit C 500mg 50 Chewable Tablets

  • Buffered Vitamin C
  • 500mg
  • -
  • From Ascorbic acid
  • 262mg
  • -
  • From Sodium ascorbate
  • 268mg
  • -

Other Ingredients

Colour - Natural

Flavour - Natural


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