Healtheries Jointex Glucosamine Complex 1500mg 200 Tablets

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Healtheries Jointex Glucosamine Complex 1500mg 200 Tablets


About Supplement Monster Healtheries Jointex Glucosamine Complex 1500mg

Glucosamine is a natural building block of healthy joint cartilage,If you’re active or have a physical job, you know how important it is to look after your joints. If you’ve been injured, you probably know that cartilage damage now can lead to joint problems later. That’s where Glucosamine can be helpful.

Healtheries Jointex Glucosamine Complex 1500 tablets provides your joints with Glucosamine Complex 1500mg to help your body naturally repair damaged cartilage. It’s a powerful, one-a-day supplement that can nourish your joints to help keep the cartilage healthy. It may even help to speed up healing time from sports injuries.


Recommended For

  • Providing your body with the building blocks to rebuild damaged, worn joint cartilage 
  • Helping to improve joint flexibility and movement 
  • Easing joint inflammation and stiffness 
  • High-strength help to maintain healthy, pain free joints 
  • Easing joint inflammation and stiffness 
  • Helping your body to naturally heal joint injuries, sprains and strains 
  • Speeding up recovery from sports injuries and ligament or tendon tears 


Adults take 1 a day in a new easy to swallow tablet. Do not take this product without talking to your doctor if you have kidney disease, take heart or blood pressure medication, or if you suffer from seafood allergies.

Nutrition Information

Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride Complex 1500mg
Equiv. Glucosamine Sulfate 1130mg
Equiv.Potassium chloride 369mg
Colour and tableting aids



Glucosamine sulfate

  • Your body produces glucosamine naturally from nutrients it takes in from your diet. It uses this glucosamine as a building block to help    repair damaged cartilage. However, as you get older, or if you are injured, your body produces less natural glucosamine. 
  • Glucosamine is a source of specific protein-carbohydrate compounds that help to nourish the cartilage tissues in your joints. 
  • Glucosamine sulfate is glucosamine that is bound to sulfur to keep it stable. Glucosamine sulfate is derived from shrimp, prawn or crab shells. 
  • Glucosamine sulfate supplements have been scientifically shown to help relieve joint pain. 
  • They can also help to ease joint swelling and inflammation, and may reduce joint stiffness.

No added

Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, artificial flavour, preservatives or sweeteners.