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Pure Vitality Methyl B12 1000 50ml

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Pure Vitality Methyl B12 1000 50ml

About Supplement Monster Pure Vitality Methyl B12 1000mg

  • Vitamin B-12 is necessary for the production of energy from fats and proteins and is well known for its critical role in DNA synthesis.
  • Vitamin B12 benefits your mood, energy level, memory, heart, skin, hair, digestion and more.
  • Vitamin B12 benefits the central nervous system in many important ways: It helps maintain the health of nerve cells — including those needed for neurotransmitter signaling — and helps form the protective covering of nerves.
  • This means that when vitamin B12 levels are low, almost every cognitive function can suffer.
  • Vitamin B12 is also an essential vitamin for addressing adrenal fatigue, multiple metabolic functions — including enzyme production, DNA synthesis and hormonal balance — and maintaining healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems.



  • Supports brain and nerve health.
  • Supports energy levels.
  • Supports oxygen transportation and utilization.



Dosage: Take 1 drop under the tongue daily, hold for 20 seconds before swallowing. Shake well before use. Do not take with food.


Nutrition Information

Pure Vitality Methyl B12 1000 50ml

Amount Per Serving


Active Ingredient:

  • B12 (as Methylcobalamin)
  • 50mcg