Solgar Potassium 100 Tabs

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Solgar Potassium 100 Tabs


About Supplement MonsterSolgar Potassium

The electrolyte we all know and love.

If you're an endurance athlete (heck, even if you're not), you're probably intimately familiar with Potassium. It's one of the key ingredients needed to support extended duration exercise of any kind.

Solgar Potassium Tabs are packed with nearly 100 milligrams of this powerful electrolyte per tablet. Use them either on the go or as part of your vitamin and mineral complex daily to maintain efficient fluid balance, support the cardio system, and encourage your muscles to keep contracting at their finest.


Supplement MonsterSolgar Potassium Recommended Use

Use Potassium Tabs to maintain fluid balance and more - take one serving (one tablet) per day with a meal.

Nutrition Information

Solgar Potassium Supplement Facts

Each tablet provides:

  • Amount Per Serving
Potassium (as gluconate):99mg 


Other Ingredients

Tableted with these natural ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, cellulose gum.