Solgar Vitamin E 400iu Mixed 50 Softgels

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Solgar Vitamin E 400iu Mixed 50 Softgels


About Supplement MonsterSolgar Vitamin E 400iu Mixed

Enhanced Vitamin E!

This isn't just Vitamin's even better. Mixed Tocopherols are added to the equation, providing you with more and better antioxidant protection. With 400iu (268mg) of Vitamin E and an added 26mg of Tocopherols you'll be sitting pretty, laughing at those pathetic free radicals.

Free radicals float around your body, causing damage through oxidation. For some perspective, go take a look at a rusty pipe. Same concept. Vitamin E Mixed ensures your insides are protected from that effect by eliminating these potentially damaging free radicals.

Additionally, Vitamin E Mixed provides big-time support for women going through menopause. Enhanced reproductive health, decreased pain and discomfort, and more!



Supplement MonsterSolgar Vitamin E 400iu Mixed Recommended Use

For all of the benefits of Vitamin E + Tocopherols, adults should take one serving (one softgel) of Vitamin E Mixed per day, with a meal.


Nutrition Information

Solgar Vit. E 400iu Mixed Supplement Facts

Each Solgar Vitamin E 400IU provides:

  • Amount Per Serving
Vitamin E (400iu as d-alpha tocopherol):268mg
Mixed Tocopherols:26mg  

Encapsulated in a natural base of: safflower oil, soya lecithin. Softgel capsule shell: gelatin, glycerin.