Staunch Pre Original 30 serves

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Staunch Pre Original 30 serves

About Staunch Pre Original

PRE Original is our staunchest depiction of what a true most well-rounded pre-workout should be. Effective, honest, and sparing no expense – Staunch Pre Original delivers quality ingredients in effective doses. Staunch Pre Original is a great way to get fired up while delivering jitter-free energy and focus! Staunch’s formulation is ethically created and safe for daily use.

Staunch Pre Original is the perfect pre-workout supplement for those looking for a serious pump, getting a shot of energy without the jitters, and an amazing mental edge with focus like never before! The great part about Staunch Pre Original is that it gives you the full effects of a pre-workout supplement without going all Koala-Freak. It is engineered to take your workout experience to the next level—not to mention the amazing flavors that make it the best-tasting pre-workout on the market.




This is the essential vitamin needed for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is also known for its ability to boost metabolism by helping extract energy from food. Vitamin B works with the body to produce energy. Vitamin B12, one of the eight B vitamins, plays an important role in erythropoiesis, the production of red blood cells. Without stimulants, Vitamin B12 is a common ingredient in ergogenic supplements and is claimed to enhance energy.



Citrulline Malate is one of the most popular pre-workout ingredients. Citrulline Malate has been shown to improve muscle endurance and strength and aerobic performance. It also delivers improved absorption and is twice as effective in raising N.O. levels when compared to L-Arginine.



Arginine AKG works in amino acid synthesis and protein availability leading to faster results in increased muscle mass and strength. With increased arginine, N.O. production can increase. This can lead to wider blood vessels and increased blood flow in delivering nutrients to your muscles faster.



Agmatine Sulfate is an amino acid derivative that plays a powerful role as a catalyst for natural N.O. production and protein synthesis. This leads to an enhanced pump while working out and a boost in muscle growth.



L-Norvaline is an isomer of L-valine which is also the essential amino acid in BCAAs. It is one of the most important ingredients in boosting NO levels. This boost in nitric oxide can lead to increased vascularity, improved strength in muscles, and muscle growth.



Betapure has been shown in clinical studies to trigger significant muscular growth, reduce fatigue in lifting, increase total reps, and improve lifts in bench presses.



When beta-alanine is ingested, it turns into the molecule carnosine, which acts as an acid buffer in the body. Carnosine is stored in cells and released in response to drops in pH. Increased stores of carnosine can protect against diet-induced drops in pH, as well as offer protection from exercise-induced lactic acid production.



L-Theanine is an amino acid which has positive effects when combined with caffeine. When used with caffeine, there is an increase in reaction time, attention, focus, reduced jitteriness, and it causes relaxation without affecting energy.


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