Single Tail Weight lifting Straps

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Supplement Monster Weight Lifting Straps 

About Supplement Monster Weight Lifting Straps 

Our Supplement Monster Lifting Wrist Straps are made from Black split leather and are 22-inches long with Supplement Monster logo printed on them.

They help prevent loss of grip and increases lift capacity. They are constructed of leather for lasting durability.

The use of weight lifting straps can be very beneficial. Often when training the back (which is a large and strong muscle group), our grip strength can limit our ability to perform our sets to failure. 
These simple yet highly effective lifting straps solve this problem.

Experince back day like never before - this pair of straps will allow you to complete pull-ups, pull-downs, barbell rows, deadlifts, and shrugs with added intensity. Train until your target muscle actually fatigues rather than your ability to grip the bar!

  • Made from cotton. 
  • 2x Weight lifting straps.